Our Products


Within our ranges, we have luxurious and local Siabann skincare products and lovely glassware from Dragonfly Dichroic, handmade in a neighbouring village. The fantastic Sweet William ‘Mischievous mutt’ collection of mugs, tags, aprons, teabag dishes etc. Scottish and made by a small family company, Melt Pool candles and diffusers sit happily on the shelves beside a selection of Scottish, Children’s and general books as well as local walking books and maps. The ‘Fabulous and Fairtrade’ Earth Squared handbags and purses are a regular part of the offer as well as stunning hand-made jewellery made from recycled materials from the Tinsmiths and small Edinburgh maker Silky Moon jewellery. Fun costume jewellery from Miss Milly and Gracee and beautiful Peony Scarves are just some of the many lovely products found at The Sorting Office in Dollar. We had a beautiful childrens' and new baby range, with cute dinosaurs and soft toys from Best Years. The card range is extensive, covering all occasions and includes small makers such as Joy Nevada, Poet & Painter, Two little Monkeys, Eat Haggis and Pink Pig from Edinburgh as well as beautiful designs from Louise Tiler, Mollie Mae Bree Merryn. Laughs aplenty come from Rosie Made a Thing with their gently funny cards as well as Noel Tatt’s Cube and Showcase offerings.